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When it comes to protecting everything from alloy to fabric, paint, glass and leather, there is no better option than Ceramic Pro. Our incredible range of nonceramic products protect your vehicles by forming a durable bond deep within the pores of its paint work. With a network of approved and experienced applicators throughout Brisbane and a Lifetime Warranty on all products, it’s now easier than ever to protect your car, boat, light plane or industrial equipment from damage.

Our range of Ceramic Pro automotive products include:

Ceramic Pro is your car’s premium defence against sun exposure, erratic weather conditions and harmful contaminants that might find their way onto your car from the road. While Brisbane’s warm weather and long, sunny days are a blessing, they can take their toll on your car over time. For those living in Brisbane, car paint protection is essential.

Ceramic Pro’s advanced nanotechnology formulas effortlessly protect the surfaces of your car or boat (as well as aircraft, construction equipment and other industrial objects) from harsh environmental factors and hazardous materials. Whether it’s bird droppings from the tree above where your car is parked, or tar flicking up from the road and embedding itself on the lower panels of your car, Ceramic Pro new car paint protection prevents these contaminants from ever making contact with the painted surface of your car.

When raindrops or other liquid make contact with your car paint, the ceramic coating causes the liquid to bead up and roll off the surface, carrying excess dirt and grime with it. This means that a Ceramic Pro protective coating actually helps to keep your car cleaner for longer and reduces your need to wash it!

Find a ceramic coating applicator in Brisbane for car paint protection

Every new car owner’s biggest fear is to see their car paint scratched, faded, rusted or deteriorated in some way. Ceramic Pro protects your car paint with an invisible glossy layer that deflects any materials which might come into contact with your car, including light scratches. Get in touch for a free quote, and select a business from our network of approved professional applicators to have Ceramic Pro’s award-winning car paint protective coating applied to your vehicle today.

Also, check out these locations to find your closest Applicator in Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Mackay.

The ideal paint protection for all vehicles

Regardless of what kind of car you have, Ceramic Pro is confident in offering a lifetime guarantee to the paint protection of your pride and joy. If you live in Brisbane and wish to keep your car looking glossy, flawless and like it just rolled out of the showroom this morning, find an approved Ceramic Pro applicator near you.

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Ceramic Pro is also suitable for surfaces of equipment such as industrial machinerysolar panels or large marine vessels. For more information on having Ceramic Pro applied to specialised equipment, get in touch with our friendly team!

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Our network of Brisbane applicators for car paint protection with Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro should always be applied by an experienced and knowledgeable professional in order to enjoy the best results. Below are a list of our approved applicators throughout Brisbane, each of which have undergone extensive product training to deliver you the best experience possible.

We also have approved applicators in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and more.


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Permanent Protection

One application of our car paint protection is enough to last a lifetime – so you never have to worry about reapplying.

Bird Dropping Resistant

Common contaminants such as bird poo, bug splatter, tar and tree sap are all powerless against our durable and robust coating.

Chemical Resistant

Some protective coatings, waxes and sealants can be damaged when they come into contact with certain chemicals – but not Ceramic Pro! Our product is designed to withstand anything.

UV Resistant

Our innovative product is designed to withstand even the harshest of UV rays, which can fade or discolour your paint work over time.


The slick, hydrophobic finish on our ceramic coating ensures that any dirt or grime that builds up on your vehicle can easily wash off.

High Gloss

Your vehicle will always look brand new thanks to the high-gloss finish that our nanotechnology coating provides.


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