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Whether you’re looking for a product to protect paint, fabric, alloy, leather or glass surfaces, Ceramic Pro is the way to go. Our nanoceramic coating helps you protect your investment from everyday damages and environmental fallout, and comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. With approved applicators available throughout Canberra, it’s easier than ever to protect everything from boats to cars, light planes and industrial equipment.

Our range of automotive products include Ceramic Coatings (for leather, paint, glass, alloy and fabric) and Kavaca PPF (Paint Protection Film).

Treat your car to a ceramic coating in Canberra by a Ceramic Pro-approved applicator today. You’ll never need to worry about the protection of your car’s paint finish ever again with our revolutionary coating.

Our unique product design uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology to protect car surfaces from chemicals, hazardous liquids, extreme temperatures, sun exposure and oxidisation, effectively creating an impenetrable layer that repels contaminants and shields your car from damage. Whether you’ve parked under the wrong tree and come back to a car covered in bird droppings, or you’ve noticed a build-up of tar that’s flicked up from the road onto the lower panels of your car, no one enjoys the thought of losing value to their precious set of wheels as a result of contaminants. A one-time application of Ceramic Pro paint protection ensures that you’ll never have this problem again.

Nothing penetrates our invisible ceramic coating

Once applied, nothing short of severe abrasion will strip this ceramic coating from the surface of your car. This is due to the fact that our product is designed to form a permanent bond deep into the paintwork of your vehicle, protecting it from both environmental and chemical contaminants. With an extensive list of satisfied car owners that have seen proven results, Ceramic Pro offers a lifetime warranty to any customer who applies our superior product to their car’s paintwork.

We’ve incorporated hydrophobic properties into our industry-leading ceramic coating product, which causes any liquids that come into contact with the surface of your car (including water) to immediately bead up and roll off onto the ground. Not only does this protect your paintwork from harmful contaminants, but it also washes away excess dirt and grime that gradually accumulates over time. Heavy rainfall, for example, will clean your car for you!

Find an expert applicator in Canberra

With free online quotes, lifetime warranty and a whole host of certified Canberra applicators near you, treating your car to a highly effective ceramic coating from Ceramic Pro is a breeze.

Our product is proven to protect cars from acidic materials like tree sap, bug splatter, and other toxic chemicals that can find their way onto the surface of your car from the road or garage ceilings, which can easily compromise the standard clear coat of factory vehicles.

Speak to our team today for more information

For details about any of our products and services, please get in touch. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and ensure you have all you need to make an informed decision.

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Canberra’s Approved Applicators

Below you can find our network of highly experienced and professional applicators throughout Canberra. Our approved partners are fully insured and expertly trained to provide you with a quality finish.


VIP Car Care
0412 628 258


Permanent Protection

Ceramic Pro’s range of coatings and paint protection products are built to withstand the harshest chemicals and environments, meaning you won’t have to reapply again!

Bird Dropping Resistant

Everyday contaminants such as bird poo, bug splatter, tree sap and tar won’t affect your paint work when you use Ceramic Pro.

Chemical Resistant

Unlike many waxes, sealants or other paint protection products, our coatings are unaffected by highly damaging chemicals.

UV Resistant

Our product uses UV stabilisers to ensure that your paint work doesn’t fade or discolour with continued exposure to sunlight.


The hydrophobic effect of our coatings makes washing off dirt and grime easier than ever!

High Gloss

Your car will look better for longer with our Ceramic Nanotechnology, which offers a glossy shine upon application.


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