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Ceramic Pro uses advanced nanotechnology to preserve surfaces for various items including cars, boats, aircraft, construction equipment, industrial objects, garments and accessories. Once these items are coated with Ceramic Pro, they are protected against contaminants, pollution and other factors that can cause deterioration of the surface.

For car paint protection in Melbourne, Ceramic Pro is your number one choice. With an extensive network of highly qualified applicators around Melbourne who are permitted to apply Ceramic Pro car paint protection with a lifetime guarantee, our product is used by Melbourne ceramic coating professionals.

This network of Ceramic Pro-approved applicators is highly experienced and apply Ceramic Pro car paint protection accurately and thoroughly. You can rest assured your car is protected against the elements for a long time. Ceramic Pro paint protection is a premium defence for your car against Melbourne’s unpredictable climate and sometimes extreme weather conditions. Rain, hail or shine, your car can remain faultless and glossy with a Ceramic Pro car protection coating.

Get a free quote and schedule your appointment with one of Melbourne’s car paint protection Ceramic Pro-approved applicators today and enjoy peace of mind that your car is protected from any contaminants and chemicals that could otherwise deteriorate your car’s paintjob.

Is your car protected against Melbourne’s unpredictable weather conditions?

Anyone who lives in Melbourne is well aware that you never know what the weather is going to do – from morning to afternoon to evening, you might experience four seasons in a day! The beauty of Ceramic Pro is that it doesn’t break down with time or wash away with the rain. This clear coating contains nano-ceramic qualities that form a permanent adhesion to your car’s paintwork, which protects your car from all kinds of harmful chemical contaminants and other factors that would otherwise cause general wear and tear to your vehicle.

It takes thorough abrasion to remove this additional layer of coating from a surface, so rainfall and exposure to the sun certainly isn’t going to penetrate this state-of-the-art ceramic coating in Melbourne.

Find a Melbourne based applicator for ceramic coating and car paint protection

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Below are the exclusive independent Ceramic Pro applicators in Melbourne. Ceramic Pro ensure all applicators are fully insured, maintain a high quality of service and are highly trained in all Ceramic Pro products.

We also have approved applicators in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and more.


VIP Car Care
Workshop (Melbourne)
Fact 29 94-102 Keys Road, Moorrabbin East VIC
03 9553 2111

Fine Shine Detailing
Workshop (Melbourne)
299 Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne VIC
0426 164 009

Top Tint Mornington
Workshop (Mornington)
80a Watt St, Mornington, VIC
03 5977 0878


Permanent Protection

A permanent adhesion between Ceramic Pro and surfaces where its applied ensures the clear coating won’t deteriorate over time, and is extremely durable against all kinds of contaminants.

Bird Dropping Resistant

Prevention of oxidation and corrosion, as Ceramic Pro Melbourne paint protection deflects water and oxygen from penetrating the clear coating.

Chemical Resistant

For surfaces that are constantly exposed to deformation and expansion, Ceramic Pro is proven to be the ideal coating.

UV Resistant

Given the unpredictable weather conditions and harsh summers of the Melbourne climate, Ceramic Pro is designed to protect surfaces from fading and ageing as a result of exposure to UV rays.


Following extensive tests carried out by SGS and REACH, Ceramic Pro has been deemed a non-toxic product.

High Gloss

The pencil test is used throughout the industry as a means for determining a coating’s hardness ability. Ceramic Pro boasts a classification of 9H and above, which is a remarkable classification.


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