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With dam levels falling in some states such as Sydney, water restrictions are becoming increasingly tighter and one of the first things to be restricted is washing your car. We all want to do our part in saving water however for some of us we like to look after our valued assets – our car!

The benefit of protecting your car with Ceramic Pro Paint Protection during these dire times is that it creates a clear nano ceramic coating layer on top of your factory paint work, this nano ceramic coating creates an impenetrable chemical resistant layer against damaging environmental fallout such as bird droppings, bug splatter, tar and tree sap.

It also features a slick hydrophobic property that allows your car to stay cleaner for longer, this allows for slightly less frequent washing as your car will stay cleaner for longer and protected from contaminants. This property also makes the car easier to clean.

During these tough times where water is of the essence, a car coated with Ceramic Pro can be washed safely with little water!

Here are some tips to washing your car while preserving water consumption,

Rinseless Washing or Waterless Washing is the best and safest way to wash your car when a hose cannot be used, some may think the old soapy bucket and sponge or wash mitt is the safest method at washing your car to prevent swirl marks and scratches, this is actually not true! There are some great products on the market now like rinseless and waterless car washes that have amazing technology that encapsulate and emulsify the dirt while lubricating the surface so it can be wiped off the panel with very little water.

One of the best methods for these products is the following:

  1. Fill a bucket with water and add the required amount of rinseless wash solution and soak several towels in the bucket.
  2. Pre-spray a panel with the rinseless wash solution of the required dilution ratio and allow to dwell.
  3. Fold the towel and after each wipe fold it again to a clean side until the panel is clean.
  4. Use a clean microfibre towel to dry the panel of any residue.

Contact one of our Ceramic Pro Approved Applicators throughout Australia to find out how we can protect your car today!