Enjoy the World’s Best Paint Protection on the Central Coast

For anyone living on the Central Coast who wants to keep their vehicle or building in top shape, Ceramic Pro is here to save the day. Our renowned products protect everything from paint to fabric, leather, glass and alloy. Better yet, we have established a network of experienced protection applicators on the Central Coast who can ensure that your paint protection coating is applied perfectly.

The best thing about our ceramic coating is that it can be used to protect a wide range of surfaces and objects. This includes everything from automotive vehicles like cars, trucks and motorbikes, to boats, planes, building materials, public transport, industrial equipment and more.

For new car paint protection on the Central Coast you can rely on the approved applicators of Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro creates a permanent bond to your paintwork, and protects from damaging fallout while boasting an extended Lifetime Warranty*.

The Ceramic Pro Automotive Range includes Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings for car paint protection, as well as Ceramic Pro Kavaca PPF (a Paint Protection Film). This product uses Nanoceramic technology and can be layered as much as you need. After setting, Ceramic Pro Kavaca PPF will shield your vehicle from damage that can occur through day-to-day use. In addition to protecting your vehicle from potential damage, the film also has self-cleaning properties. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, the film dramatically lowers the surface tension and prohibits environmental contaminants from leaving a mark.

Make your investment last and cut down on maintenance costs by protecting it with Ceramic Pro.

Our range of products includes:
Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings
Ceramic Pro Kavaca PPF

Avoid wear and tear with the best car paint protection available

In addition to car paint protection, Central Coast locals can also enjoy the protective benefits of Ceramic Pro products on other surfaces. Caravan owners will be able to enjoy more adventures than ever thanks to our ceramic coating, with the products being designed to withstand the most severe Australian weather.

Ceramic Pro can also be applied to boats, protecting your investment from common irritants such as saltwater and problems like hull fouling. We are proud to say that our product is the only paint protection coating that is certified as organotin-free anti-fouling by the International Maritime Organisation.

From coast to sky to outback, Ceramic Pro endeavours to help you protect your boat, vehicle or light plane from everyday corrosives such as UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings, industrial and chemical fallout, oxidisation and much more. The shield-like surface that is created is also easy to clean and prevents the build-up of dirt and grease, cutting down on the hassle of maintenance. Our entire range has been certified by the SGS – the world’s largest certification company – and is even resistant to acids, chemicals, solvents and alkalis.

Contact a qualified paint protection applicator on the Central Coast

To ensure that Ceramic Pro works its best, it is essential to have it applied by a qualified professional. We’ve stablished a network of independent applicators on the Central Coast, making it easier than ever to find someone who can help you.

Also, check out these locations to find your closest Applicator in Newcastle, Sydney, Batemans Bay and Wollongong.

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Our network of applicators

Contact any of our paint protection applicators here on the Central Coast to have peace of mind knowing they are fully insured and knowledgeable when it comes to Ceramic Pro products.


Permanent Protection

Our product permanently bonds with the paint work on your vehicle, so you will never have to reapply.

Bird Dropping Resistant

Damaging environmental fallout such as bug splatter, bird poo, tree sap and tar.

Chemical Resistant

Ceramic Pro is a shield against potentially harmful chemicals that can affect your paint work, making it a far more durable option than waxes, sealants and other paint protection products.

UV Resistant

Your paint work won’t fade or discolour over time, as our ceramic coating uses a UV stabiliser to protect from the sun’s harsh rays.


The incredible hydrophobic effect of Ceramic Pro means that any build up or dirt or grime will easily wash off your vehicle.

High Gloss

Your vehicle will look shiny, sleek and beautiful for longer when you use Ceramic Pro. Our glossy coating provides an additional layer of protection and makes your vehicle look incredible.


Certified Installers Worldwide
Countries Served
Vehicles & Vessels Coated Monthly
Billion in Assets Protected