Choose Ceramic Pro for your Car Paint Protection in Newcastle

Looking for a way to protect the paint and finish on your car, boat, small plane or other vehicle? Ceramic Pro’s range of paint protection products are the ideal choice to shield everything from paint to fabric, leather, alloy and glass surfaces from damage. Our highly experienced team of experts in Newcastle can ensure that your ceramic coating is professionally applied for a superior finish.

Our range of paint protection products can be used to safeguard many different surfaces, vehicles and objects. This includes cars, boats, planes, buildings, facades, public transport even commercial and heavy industrial machinery.

Perhaps you’re looking to freshen up the façade of your commercial building, or maybe you just recently bought a new car and want to make sure the paint is protected. Regardless of your reasoning, people throughout Newcastle will find that Ceramic Pro is the best choice. Our products produce permanent bonds to the paintwork it protects, allowing it to reduce damage as well as maintenance time and costs.

Our Ceramic Coatings range includes products suited for paint, leather, fabric, glass and alloy, as well as our Ceramic Pro Kavaca PPF, which is a Paint Protection Film.

PPF allows car owners to use powerful nano-ceramic technology that dives deep into the pores of the paintwork for a superior shield. This provides a highly durable and flexible result that provides long-lasting protection. Maintenance is a breeze with this product, as its self-cleaning and hydrophobic elements keep environmental contaminants, graffiti and other forms of damaging materials off your vehicle. Better yet, the buildable product is permanent, meaning no reapplication is ever needed. The product comes with Lifetime Warranty*.

Extend the life of your investment with ceramic coating

Our products not only work for cars, but Newcastle residents can also apply Ceramic Pro to a variety of other surfaces. Due to their extensive exposure to the outdoors, caravans are sure to benefit from a Ceramic Pro coating, which works as a shield against Australia’s harsh climate. This range was created with boats in mind, ensuring that they can be protected from issues such as hull fouling and saltwater corrosion. This coating works so well, in fact, that it is the only product to receive certification as an organotin-free anti-fouling coating from the International Maritime Organisation.

Whether you’re on the water, in the sky or on the road, Ceramic Pro can help protect any vehicle from potential damage caused by UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings, tar, industrial and chemical fallout, oxidisation and more. These coatings are also certified by the SGS to provide resistance from solvents, alkalis, chemicals and acids. With this shield over your vehicle, cleaning will be a breeze as it reduces the build-up of dirt and grease. Finally, the coating will add an eye-catching gloss to your investment, helping it look good as new for years.

Discover our network of approved applicators in Newcastle

In order to enjoy the full benefits of Ceramic Pro, it’s important that the coating is applied by an experienced professional who understands the science behind their work. To help you find someone who is reliable, we’ve put together a list of our independent applicators throughout Newcastle. Get in touch with one of the experts from this list to make an appointment today!

Also, check out these locations to find your closest Applicator in Sydney, Central Coast, Batemans Bay and Wollongong.

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Where to find Ceramic Pro approved applicators

Each one of the below applicators are endorsed by Ceramic Pro and offer a fully insured, high quality service across our wide range of products.


Permanent Protection

Our product requires no reapplication and minimal maintenance – just one coat will provide permanent protection to your vehicle.

Bird Dropping Resistant

With Ceramic Pro, you can have peace knowing it helps protect against damaging environmental elements such as bird poo, tar, tree sap and more.

Chemical Resistant

Ceramic Pro is so robust, that even chemicals known to strip waxes and sealants cannot permeate our coating.

UV Resistant

UV rays can cause discoloration or fading to your paint work over time. However, our product features UV stabilisers, so you don’t have to worry about this problem.


Our coating causes a hydrophobic effect, making it easier for you to wash away any grime or dirt that builds up on your vehicle over time.

High Gloss

We’ve incorporated a unique Ceramic Nanotechnology coating that provides an extra layer of protection and a sleek, glossy finish to your vehicle.


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