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Our products preserve the surfaces of cars, vessels, aircraft, construction equipment, industrial objects and more. By using ceramic nanotechnology to integrate chemical, water, thermal and UV resistance, we offer superior products that ensure surfaces remain protected and aesthetically pleasing.

The super hydrophobic effect of the coating means any liquid that comes in contact with the surface will simply bead up and roll off along with any light dirt and grime, keeping your car cleaner for longer and making it easier to clean in the first place. The ceramic layer helps provide protection from damaging environmental contaminants as well as other harsh chemicals that easily compromise the factory clear coat of standard vehicles.

It can only be applied by our network of professional applicators to ensure high quality results. For the ultimate ceramic paint protection for your car, Ceramic Pro has got you covered.

Ceramic Pro application can be applied for wheel protection, glass protection, leather protection plus much more. Ceramic Pro is available Australia-Wide with ceramic coating services in Sydney and ceramic coating in Brisbane as well as Adelaide, Melbourne & Perth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of having Ceramic Pro clear coating applied to your car ultimately depends on the size and type of vehicle you have, and what level of protection you wish to coat your car exterior with.

For an exact price on how much it will cost to apply Ceramic Pro to your car, contact us for a free quote.

Yes, it is! A ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s paintwork from deterioration such as hazardous contaminants like chemicals, tar, tree sap, bird droppings and other external factors that can otherwise irreparably damage your car. It also keeps your car clean for longer, meaning less maintenance and a constant glossy finish.

In a nutshell, Ceramic Pro is a super-strong clear liquid that a qualified professional applies to the entire exterior of your car. This coating forms a permanent adhesion to your vehicle’s paintwork, so that nothing ever makes direct contact with the surface of your car.

The coating is invisible, and acts as a highly effective defense against chemical contaminants.

Short answer? For many years to come. Ceramic Pro comes with a lifetime warranty* (subject to terms and conditions), so can rest assured that you’ll never need to worry about your vehicle’s paintwork. A ceramic coating won’t wash away – the only way to remove a Ceramic Pro coating is through abrasion.

Yes; when a ceramic coating is applied to a surface, it forms a permanent bond to that surface which can only be removed by abrasion. No amount of contaminants will remove the protective coating from your vehicle, and it will protect your paintwork forever. However regular maintenance is required to retain optimal performance.

Curing times vary depending on environmental conditions like humidity and average daily temperatures, Ceramic Pro coatings generally take around 24 hours to cure. During this period, there are some precautions that need to be taken, which your friendly local Ceramic Pro applicator will guide you through in detail.

Alternatively, contact us directly for advice on Ceramic Pro after-care and maintenance.

No, however Ceramic Pro have a product called Kavaca which is a PPF (Paint Protection Film), this film is specifically designed to protect your paintwork from physical damage such as scratches and stone chips and adds more level of protection than a ceramic coating.

No – Ceramic Pro must be applied by a qualified professional from our worldwide network of approved applicators. The reason for this is that the application of Ceramic Pro is a very delicate process, and if applied wrong, it won’t have the desired effect.

Our state-of-the-art ceramic clear coating needs to be evenly distributed to the entire car, wheels and glass in the correct way, which is why we only allow experienced professionals to apply our product.

Ceramic Pro has a worldwide network of highly qualified applicators, so there is sure to be an approved applicator near you. You can contact your friendly local Ceramic Pro applicator to enquire about the cost of applying Ceramic Pro to your car, or alternatively you can contact Ceramic Pro directly for a free quote.

A Ceramic Pro coating can certainly help prevent your clear coat from water spots, as it is hydrophobic. While there’s still a chance you can get hard water spots, the coating is far less likely to etch than your factory clear coat.

Water spots can still occur during the curing process, so it’s crucial that you follow the Ceramic Pro aftercare advice for the two-three week curing period.

Unfortunately, no ceramic coating is completely impervious to key scratches and rock chips; however, Ceramic Pro eliminates the likelihood of minor swirl marks.

The ceramic coating takes the brunt of anything that comes into contact with the surface of the car, protecting the paintwork from damage. For protection against scratches and stone chips we recommend Ceramic Pro Kavaca which is a Paint Protection Film.

Pro doesn’t recommend it. Generally, a wax coating won’t last very long on a ceramic coated car, and it may leave smears or streaks.

The hydrophobic effect of Ceramic Pro means that any liquid which comes into contact with the surface of your car will bead up and roll away, bringing any excess dirt and grime away with it. Essentially, you’ll probably find there’s no need to wax your vehicle, as your paintwork will have a high gloss finish and remain clean for much longer than a car without ceramic coating.


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Protect your car, boat, glass surfaces or industrial equipment with specially designed nano-ceramic technology

At Ceramic Pro, we are so confident with our product that it comes with a lifetime warranty for your car, and can only be applied by our Australia-wide network of professional applicators to ensure high quality results.

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